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A sophisticated oasis –
the place where we share our inspirations at the heart of New York City
A sophisticated oasis – the place where we share our inspirations at the heart of New York City

Poised to be an iconic destination in the Meatpacking District, Genesis House celebrates elevated living through rich surroundings and intellectual nourishment. Visitors will find an intriguing sanctuary with plenty to explore, from artful installations and haute cuisine to luminary engagements and the impressive collection of Genesis luxury vehicles.

Genesis ShowroomGenesis Showroom

The main floor offers guests an opportunity to experience the latest Genesis vehicles in a relaxed environment. Suh Architects framed Genesis vehicles as finely crafted objects of desire, using reflections from a tessellated mirror display to amplify their seductive engineering. These glass cases of telescoping linear light are hung on surfaces of exposed concrete, creating a unique art installation.

Tea PavilionTea Pavilion

Inspired by the tastes of connoisseurs, the Tea Pavilion is a veranda-like living room space featuring customized boryo** A versatile type of seating/bedding arrangement (cushion/mattress) that is found in traditional Korean homes.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n} floor seating where guests are traditionally received by their host. The pavilion borrows motifs from the chaekgado painting style to visualize the philosophy of virtuous scholars known as seonbi.** A virtuous scholar who served the public without a government position to lead a life of academia and integrity.${'genesis.common.p2.close.tooltip' @ i18n} Led by a trained tea specialist, the Genesis House Tea Ceremony will serve as a symbolic experience of hospitality as Genesis House welcomes its guests to refresh and recharge.

Genesis House LibraryGenesis House Library

Curated by LVMH publisher Assouline, the Genesis House Library is filled with special edition books, luxury display items, and unique accessories. Together, Assouline and Arumjigi have sourced distinctly Korean books and collections from around the world that discuss art, design, food, and travel. The Genesis House Publication series will introduce original publications from Genesis House that highlight elements of Korean culture.

Genesis House RestaurantGenesis House Restaurant

Genesis House Restaurant marks the first international expansion for Onjium, a Michelin-starred restaurant and cultural institute from Seoul that is dedicated to creating a new and lasting heritage that takes inspiration from Korean traditional clothing, food, and housing.

Cellar StageCellar Stage

The Cellar Stage is located below the ground floor in a voluminous event space that runs the length of the building. Outfitted with floor-to-ceiling LED-lit staging and state-of-the art audio-visual technology, it is a space that is dedicated not only to launching new vehicles, but also to conducting thought leadership summits and hosting engaging events.

Terrace GardenTerrace Garden

The outdoor terrace and garden offer guests an unobstructed view of the High Line. It is surrounded by a traditional Korean landscape of white sand and gravel and adorned with greenery, extending Genesis’ views to the Hudson River and the High Line, the artery of Lower Manhattan.

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- Address : 40A 10th Ave, New York, NY 10014
- Operating Hours :
   Closed on Monday
   Tuesday-Thursday   11 AM–10 PM
   Friday-Sunday   11 AM–11 PM
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